November Update

Parents/Students, Below you will find a brief update for November. Changes will go into effect 11 / 1 at 2 pm. Billing First, I appreciate everyone’s patience while I was away. This week will be a particularly busy one since I am back and students from RRISD have no school 11 / 1. We willContinue reading “November Update”

High School Summer Programs

(Updated: April 2, 2021) Summer programs are an opportunity for students to show colleges their interests beyond the standard coursework. Below you will find a list, updated daily, of pre-college summer programs to help students take advantage of their summer. As more and more colleges are making the SAT/ACT optional for admissions due to Covid-19,Continue reading “High School Summer Programs”

Official Launch Day

We launched SquareOne, a website that will be filled with valuable supplemental education resources for students of every level. Subjects will include Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and more. As the site grows, we anticipate being inundated with student requests for more content. We welcome problems submissions, but please allow us time to integrate yourContinue reading “Official Launch Day”